Authorities Carry Out Ops Dengue in USJ9

CLOGGED roof gutters, rainwater harvesting contraptions and stagnant water in home gardens have been identified as the major cause of the dengue outbreak in USJ9.

The USJ9 neighbourhood has been declared a hotspot for dengue as the number of cases reported has not shown a downward trend since December 2022; and officers from the Petaling District Health Office and Subang Jaya City Council are not amused.

During an Ops Dengue inspection this morning, officers braved the rain to carry out random checks at the mosque grounds, recycling centre as well as residential homes.

They were not too happy with the conditions of the roof gutters at the mosque which appears to be clogged by leaf litter and also the rainwater harvesting contraption at the recycling centre.

As officers carried out on foot in the residential area of USJ9/5, they found trees and plants growing in roof gutters; suspecting that stagnant water in the clogged gutters may also provide a safe haven for mosquitoes to breed, especially those which were shaded by trees.

Residents who were at home were advised to check their roof gutters and also their garden (including their back lanes) for stagnant water which could potentially become mosquito breeding grounds.

MBSJ also carried out fogging and larvaciding in the neighbourhood as part of the efforts to bring down the population of mosquitoes in the area.

Spend 10mins each week to check your homes for mosquito breeding spots. Don’t land up in hospital for dengue fever because of complacency or indifference to the threat at hand.