I frequently get asked this question whenever I bump into someone I know. Honestly, I really don’t know but the past two years have instilled in me a sense of caution and a discomfort whenever anyone comes physically too close to me.

The number 01.04.2022 is to me personally just a few digits clumped together. It doesn’t mean anything more or less. It used to be April Fool’s Day when we played pranks on one another but Covid-19 has changed all that to me. It is no joke when we had to dismantle the fabric of our lives and reinvent ourselves over the last two years. It is no joke that we had to lose people we know to the virus and fearing that we will be next.

Are we out of the woods yet? I believe we may be on the right path but just like any trail, we have to take our steps carefully to avoid stumbling on protruding rocks or even twist our ankle in a hidden hole in the ground. I would rather be a little pessimistic on how well we will cope as a nation because not everyone thinks like me. There are already many who had thrown caution to the wind many moons ago and couldn’t care less about adhering to SOPs.

The nature of my work requires me in public places and at times crowded spaces. The risk of exposure is higher and thus you will understand why I am more cautious than the average Joe.

But life has to go on. We embrace April 1st with an open heart and hope that things will indeed get better; and soon, we will be able to recognize the man in the mirror once again.

March saw a flurry of community events across Subang Jaya. Communities were busy with different events, activities and celebrations. You will see in this edition the significant increase in events and activities in our neighbourhood as residents begin to take a cautious but enthusiastic step forward into the public domain.

Eateries are packed to the brim on weekends and weekdays. There’s hardly a table or stool that’s empty when you step into a coffeeshop at peak hour. People are beginning to take a bold step forward knowing that they cannot remain behind closed doors forever. But stepping out these days comes with more responsibilities for our own and family’s sake.

Traffic jams are back on our main arteries; a sign that people are back to normal work hours at the office. Perhaps there will a significant number who have opted to work from home but it seems many have opted to come out instead of cooping themselves at home.

April will be a busy month with many events and activities tied up with the Ramadan fasting month. People will be gathering together to break their fast at home, restaurants and eateries at shopping malls. We can expect to see a higher volume of traffic on the road and public places as the whole country rebounds back to life.

I am looking forward to visiting the Ramadan stalls around Subang Jaya to look for the dishes I have missed over the last two years. I love patin masak tempoyak and this is probably the first thing I will be looking for apart from the beef rendang, ayam perchik and perhaps some ikan bakar. We will be spoiled for choice when out shopping for some Ramadan dishes I am sure.

Well, here’s wishing all our Muslim brothers and sisters SELAMAT BERPUASA in this holy month. May peace be upon you and may you stay safe wherever you may this month.

Have a safe month ahead folks.