SUBANG Jaya residents are unhappy and feeling letdown by the Federal Government’s decision to cancel the plan to build a much-needed health clinic for the city.

SJECHO had started an online petition for residents to voice their opinions and in less than 36 hours almost 400 submissions have been made. The online petition is still ongoing and can be accessed at Once this petition is completed, it will be submitted to the Health Minister.

Here are excerpts of the comments from residents and community leaders.


The news of the cancellation by the EPU of the long awaited Klinik Kesihatan for residents of Subang Jaya was received with shock. And the reasons for the cancellation of the project provided by EPU can only be described as being incredulous!

The need for a Klinik Kesihatan in our city is obvious. As such, when we learnt that the long awaited Klinik Kesihatan for Subang Jaya had been slotted in the 12th Malaysia Plan (2021 to 2025), residents were happy and were looking forward to its being.

As if this announcement of the cancellation wasn’t bad enough, the reasons for the action provided by the EPU sounds almost like a bad joke! The project was estimated to cost RM45mil. MoH needs to answer to the citizens of Subang Jaya how did the estimated cost balloon to RM67.8mil. A rise of more than 50%!! In normal practice, variations in cost are capped at 20%! MoH should know this! And EPU needs to explain why did they not request that MoH work on proceeding with the works at or around the approved cost of RM45m – which, by the way, is the accepted norm in situations such as this? Why cancel the project all together?

The whole episode stinks to high heaven! Is this a deliberate political ploy to deny the citizens of Subang Jaya something they have been promised?  I know our elected representatives are working hard to fight for the reinstatement of the project. I appeal to my fellow Subangites to give YB Wong Chen and YB Michelle Ng all the support they need in their efforts in this matter.


A real letdown from the federal government! When lots of money is wasted on unrealistic projects and they reject a health clinic that is very important to the health of the people. Can always start on a smaller scale and improve on the facilities. The people in Subang Jaya have been looking forward to this clinic for many years and will be totally downhearted. I feel  LETDOWN!


Quite a number of our senior residents are registered for health care at Klinik Kesihatan Kelana Jaya and that’s the nearest. Will it be able to cater for more patients in the near future? The cost of living is going up and many may require to seek for government health care.


We appeal the Ministry of Health to reinstate the Klinik Kesihatan USJ1 Project as planned earlier. Such a measure is necessary to cater to the needs of the poor community and the elderly who need government medical facilities.Health care is most important to the people of Subang Jaya. The Rakyat matters too.



The cancellation of setting up a KK at USJ 1 Subang Jaya is a very irresponsible and inconsiderate move by the Federal Government. The reason given is rather lame and uncalled for. There are more than enough senior citizens n poor amongst the population of Subang Jaya who need this facility earnestly. I hope that the Fed Government will reconsider their cancellation and approve the permit without any reservations treating all citizens fairly.


Those who bought a house in USJ2 30 years ago are probably senior citizens by now. As we are growing in our golden age, doctors and medicine are common words in our daily life. Subang Jaya seriously needs one Klinik Kesihatan. The Government should make an effort to make it happen to care for the ageing population in Subang Jaya.


We need a clinic for those who live in ss12-19  and Wangsa Baiduri. These areas have I believe 70% senior citizens as these sections were built in late 70’s (35 years ago).


It’s a tragedy to just cancel it especially when there’s a real need for the clinic not because SJ is a city but the population is truly diverse economically & socially.


It is definitely not right! Subang Jaya is a growing society and it definitely needs a Health Center to cater for the growing population and especially the seniors!


The Kelana Jaya and Puchong Clinics have been stretched to their limits. The cancellation of this USJ Clinic may well cause the collapse of the primary healthcare system here. Not all Subang Jaya residents can afford private healthcare.


As tax payers, we have the right to good and affordable health care services. The government has the responsibility to ensure that we, the citizens, receive such services. We also need them to be within reach in case there is a health issue. What is so problematic about a health facility within Subang Jaya that the government deems it necessary to cancel it suddenly? Without good health, the productivity of citizens cannot be assured. Is there more urgent use of the money which would otherwise help to maintain the health of the community in Subang Jaya? We are entitled to an answer from the authorities!


Bukan semua penduduk di USJ mampu pergi ke klinik swasta. Kasihan kena pergi jauh utk dapat kan rawatan. Semoga dapat pertimbangkan kembali project ini. Terima kasih


In a very urban area like Subang Jaya, everything is expensive. A visit to a doctor for a simple flu, will set u back RM70 at least, that too merely prescribed panadol n lozenges. We need a government clinic, so medical cost is not a worry to the middle and lower income. We have other worries. SJ is a growing community, with a large young and senior population. All need to have access to public health care. Private hospitals are aplenty, but way beyond the means of the general public here. Please, do give us what was promised to us!


With almost 500k residents we need our own KK in SJ. There are many of us retirees who go to other nearby KK to seek our treatments and those clinics are crowded and MOH staff overwhelmed hence by having our own KK in SJ we will be able to get our treatment fast and without delays. Please Mr. Minister of MOH reinstate back our Klinik Kesihatan so that we can receive our treatment for Diabeties and other comorbidities in our City.


We have a large population in Subang Jaya. We need a Klinik Kesihatan for the community. It is such a bad move to cancel the project without thinking of the benefits for the community.


Assalamualaikum Wbt Yb Khairy Jamaluddin Saya mewakili komuniti B40 USJ1 dan juga sahabat yg lain memohon jasa baik dari pihak Yb supaya meneruskan projek klinik kesihatan di USJ1 ini adalah kerana kami yg menetap di sini hampir 27 tahun agak sukar jauh hendak pergi ke klinik Taman Medan Puchong dan Kelana Jaya dengan keadaan jalan senantiasa jem bila berlaku sakit ditambah pula golongan kurang berkemampuan seperti warga emas anak yatim dan juga ibu tunggal anak ramai.Oleh sedemikian sekali lagi dengan rendah hati mohon jasa baik pihak Yb meneruskan projek tersebut dengan apa yg telah dipersetujui rancangan Malaysia ke12 supaya rakyat kita sihat sejahtera bersama keluarga yg tersayang. Sekian Terima Kasih “Agama Bangsa Tanahair”