EDITORIAL: Sediakan Payung Sebelum Hujan – Prepare for a Rainy Day

BE PREPARED! That’s something I learnt when I was a young boy scout. Those two words have come in very handy every time to prepare me for any eventualities and helps prepare me for a rainy day.

We’ve all almost regained some normalcy during the Recovery Movement Control Order but the recent turn of events has raised some alarm among us as we watch the number of Covid-19 infections rise. The health authorities are sharing information with us; a practice that helps us keep informed of what’s happening in the country.

But it is now time for us to go back to being a bit more paranoid in safeguarding our health and that of our loved ones. It is time for us to make it a point to wear our masks when we head out of our home; keep away from crowded areas and sanitise regularly.

Many of us may have relaxed a bit ever since the RMCO was implemented; throwing caution to the wind and confident that the worse of Covid-19 is over. But as authorities have warned, this pandemic is here to stay until a vaccine is found to tackle it.

That means it is up to us to keep ourselves safe and alive. We cannot rely on anyone else; it is ME, MYSELF & I who will determine if I get infected or not. No one else can be blamed if the virus decides to hop on. But follow the SOPs is what I must do to stay healthy and alive.

I am prepared for any eventuality where this pandemic is concerned. I am prepared to limit my movement; stay home to stay safe. The nature of my work dictates that I must go out to get the news but it doesn’t mean I cannot make it safer for me to do so. Forgive me if I do not shake your hands or give you a hug. Forgive me if I decline to join you in crowded areas and forgive me please for frequently heading to the basin to wash my hands.

We are in the last quarter of 2020 if you haven’t realised it yet. Time has passed us by so fast especially the last seven months from when the Movement Control Order was introduced to Controlled MCO and finally the Recovery MCO.

I am an optimist. If the months have passed us by so quickly, it also means that the next few months will speed pass us and we will finally get the vaccine to tackle Covid-19. Life has to go on in the meantime in the new normal. Can we do it? YES we can!

Subang Jaya will be conferred City status this month. Many residents and ratepayers expect big changes to the way the City is run; and perhaps a major upgrade of facilities and infrastructure to come with it.

Apparently the conferment of City status leans more towards the fact that Subang Jaya has met the basic criteria to be granted the status. It is not about having more to spend but more so towards what it has achieved to meet the criteria such as a minimum population and annual income for example.

But all is not lost as we will have our wish list to share with our local councilors and subsequently our new Mayor who I am sure will be more than willing to listen to us and explore how our City can go further up the ladder to the example for other cities in the country to emulate.

Have a safe and productive October everyone. Practice your SOPs diligently and we will get through this challenging period together.