Getting an Insight into Mydin’s Roots

“Saya Anak Malaysia” comic book capturing the values and life of the Mydin family makes an interesting read

SUCCESS doesn’t come overnight and a read of “Saya Anak Malaysia” comic book which outlines the trials and tribulations of the Mydin family reinforces that.

“Since he was young, Mydin Mohamed the founder of Mydin Mohamed Holdings Berhad faced a lot of challenges. This was before he started his business empire.”

“Success didn’t come easy for him. At a very young age, he learned that to succeed, one has to be hardworking and work hard; and be quick in taking action,” Datin Dr. Siti Hawa Mohd who authored the comic book said.

According to Siti Hawa, the comic book depicts the Mydin behind the scene story suitable for both children and adults.

“This latest book emphasizes family values and our experience as a retail business. Frugality including money management and business skills are infused into the story and illustrations in the book.”

“It also highlights that hardships that we face can bring about ingenuity,” Siti Hawa said, adding that her first book “Mydin Untold Story” has sold 30,000 copies nationwide and was going for a reprint.

According to her, the nostalgic childhood of the Mydin family is captured in the book; how they grew up and being frugal from young.

She said readers of “Saya Anak Malaysia” will take away retail and entrepreneurship values.

The illustrations for the book were done by Ben Wong. The book is available at Mydin USJ1 or Shopee and is selling at RM11.90.