Elderly Man Hurt During Roadside Robbery in USJ4

SUBANG JAYA, OCTOBER 23 2019: AN elderly 72-year-old man was injured when three armed men attacked and robbed him and his wife at 6am on October 22 along Jalan USJ 4/5.

The couple, according to Subang Jaya OCPD ACP Risikin Satiman were at the bus stop along Jalan USJ 4/5 awaiting their Grab ride to the USJ7 LRT station when three masked men jumped out of a Proton Wira armed with machetes and accosted them.

“The husband was attacked. He suffered injury to his hand and back in the struggle and is now at the hospital seeking treatment,” he said.

Risikin said there were no CCTVs nearby and the area was dark. He also said there were no witnesses to the crime.

“The couple lost a mobile phone, their MYKad and ATM cards; and also RM500 cash.”

“We have increased patrols in hot spots. Based on the information we received from the victims, we have stepped up our surveillance,” he added.

Earlier the injured victim’s 64-year-old wife had sent out a Whatsapp describing the incident:

“It’s true yesterday at around 6.00am I was robbed of my handbag and David who accompanied me was slashed on his arms. I had to conduct training and needed to be early to catch the LRT to my boss’ place to go in one car and thought it was safe since there’s a guard post near Apollos. In fact we were standing at the area near the Casablanca guard post which was with lights when we arrived. After a short while, the guard post lights were off and then 2 Indian men with parang confronted us, one snatched my handbag and the other slashed David. It was so sudden we couldn’t see the car no. plate of the car they drove off with. We yelled for the Casablanca guards but no one came. He is now admitted to UH for surgery on his hand as the cut is deep with tendons torn and they need repair. I cancelled all my cards. My daughter in law took me to police station to report and to get my IC & driving license replacement.”