Fresh Fish Noodles That Are Over the Moon

With the hot and hazy weather spell over, cooler weathers are on the way for Subang Jaya; perfect for a bowl of hot fish noodle soup.

Fresh fish, daily from Sekinchan, is what Moon Noodles restaurant prides itself on. On their regular menu, you will find ma yau fish, garoupa fish and the pricier dragon garoupa fish (“loong fu pan”). You can have your fish fried or poached. What’s not listed on their menu is the catch of the day. Be sure to ask them and be prepared for some surprises.

Their signature broth is milk based, made from fish and pork bones, tomatoes, hamchoy (salted vegetables) and Shaoxing rice wine. The rice wine adds a mild wine fragrance to the tasty broth.

For the spicy lovers, try their spicy broth with ma yau fish. The broth is light, sourish with a moderate level of spiciness.

What’s special in this shop is the cincalok and belacan to dip your fish in. A waiter will put before you a tray full of cincalok and belacan on saucers. Take as much as you need. I personally like the cincalok with generous chunks of shallots in it.

For noodles, you get a choice of the coarse bihun, fine bihun and koay teow. With so much to offer, you will probably find yourself scratching your head on what to order. My favourite is the poached Dragon Garoupa in milk soup and coarse bihun, item A08 on the menu.

The owner, Ah Moon, is himself a chef who cooks with one hand only. A nasty vehicle accident disabled his other hand. His sister, Elaine, is the face of the restaurant as she attends to customers. She can come across as rather curt, especially during peak hours. But, get to know her better; she is actually a friendly, chatty lady who doesn’t disguise her mood. The restaurant has decent air-conditioning; the red faces you see inside are caused by the generous rice wine in the broth.

Moon Noodles is located in USJ 1 Regalia Business Centre, a small commercial area tucked away in a corner of USJ. Unlike its more glamorous cousins, Taipan and SS15, USJ 1 Regalia is mainly patronized by folks who live or work within the vicinity. Parking is fairly easy to get even during peak hours. While you are there, lookout for the street murals that dots the firebreak lanes beside the restaurant. These murals make for some pretty good selfies.

The prices at Moon Noodles are reasonable, ranging from RM9 per bowl for fish ball noodles up to RM21 per bowl for dragon garoupa noodles. What’s the cheapest dish they offer? It’s the free fried fish cakes. The catch is to like their Facebook page and share it. But, remember to do so in front of Elaine!

Moon Noodles restaurant opens daily from 9am to 9pm. It is at 15, Jalan USJ 1/1B, USJ 1 Regalia. You will pass Giant and Mydin, on your left, all the way to the end of the street. Waze:

The author, Adrian Lim, is a lifelong Subang Jaya resident, calls himself a makanthon-er who enjoys trying out new food joints. Do you have suggestions of interesting food places in and around greater Subang Jaya he can review? Drop us a line at [email protected]. Reviews are unsolicited.