Fresh Old Biscuits

Nostalgia. The feeling of experiencing something that you have not experienced in a long time. Add on tasting biscuits that you have not had in a very long time, and you start behaving like a kid in a candy store.

That’s what happened to yours truly when I first walked into Stesen Biskut in Taipan USJ. The biscuits are pulled out of big old biscuit tins, weighed and stuffed into clear plastics bags and secured with rubber bands. The same way sundry shops would sell biscuits back in the 80s and 90s, before the onset of supermarkets and foil packaging.

Perusing through the big biscuit tins, I found some pretty ancient biscuits. The β€œer duo” or ear biscuits, the β€œlo por paeng” or wife biscuits, and the little round biscuits with colourful sugar icing on top (is there an official name for this biscuit?). As to the variety of biscuits they carry, I will let the photos do justice.

If you got fussy kids each having their own favourite biscuits, this is the place to shop at. One can buy a variety of biscuits in small quantities without having to pay a premium. The unit prices are the same whether you purchase a 100g or 1kg.

Do also check out their collection of ancient sweets and treats such as Haw flakes and the Mo Far Kor, little plastic bottles filled with dried shreds of sour bits of fruits. I also bumped into my old high school romance at the shop, the lemon tablets, still packaged in long slender tubes of gold paper. We rekindled and I have been hopelessly addicted since.

Stesen Biskut opens daily from 10am to 10pm, and is located at 17, Jalan USJ 10/1D, Taipan Business Centre, a few shops away from Papparich. The shopkeeper, Mr Lee, who hails from Sibu, is typically quite reserved but very accommodating to customers. He will even allow you to sample the biscuits (readers please help to keep him accommodating!).

Do share if you know of any other interesting nostalgic places.

The author, Adrian Lim, is a lifelong Subang Jaya resident, calls himself a makanthon-er who enjoys trying out new food joints. Do you have suggestions of interesting food places in and around greater Subang Jaya he can review? Drop us a line at [email protected]. Reviews are unsolicited.