Growing Plants the Kokedama Way

RESIDENTS of USJ5 learned a new way of growing their favourite plant in a ball of soil when they got tips on the art of Kokedama at their community garden last month.

Everyone was obviously mesmerized at how easy it was to make their own moss ball to nurture their favourite ornamental plant in without using the conventional potting method.

Kokedama is also known as the poor man’s bonsai. How does Kokedama work? Participants learned to mix peat moss and bonsai soil, then slowly adding water until the compound adheres as a ball. Once that’s done, each got to choose a suitable plant to insert into the soil ball before finishing off with sheet moss and more twine to secure, and then spritz with water.

The almost 2-hour session ended with each participant bringing home a self-planted Kokedama plant for their homes.