Subang MP Mulling Allocations for Rukun Tetangga Groups in 2020

SUBANG Member of Parliament Wong Chen is mulling a plan to allocate RM300,000 to Rukun Tetangga groups in his constituency for 2020 to beef up public safety.

“I am looking into my budgets for next year which will focus on Safety and Security. This budget will look into beefing up the Police and Bomba operations. As part of it, I am looking at how I can help Rukun Tetangga groups which fall under the National Unity and Integration Department to enhance their capacity,” he said.

Wong Chen said this budget proposal is not an annual allocation but more of a one off.
“Rukun Tetangga groups carry out a lot of activities which are focused on crime prevention. They have their Voluntary Patrolling Scheme. I am now exploring ways on how we can beef up the ongoing initiatives,” he added.