Here Comes the 2nd Quarter

By Sarawakian

It has been a bewildering weather the past few days. It has become as panas as one can even take in. We have started to also see and feel that there is a dangerous problem in Malaysia if we let those who continue to use religion and ethnicity as political tools. Some people have even got bolder, and this must be stopped before it gets out of kawalan.


I think Subang Jaya needs a reset. We need to address as to what we want Subang Jaya to be. Let us start with MBSJ. Kudos for a wonderful job in the creation of the website but as a city which is an example for many other cities in Malaysia, plus having the most number of private schools and colleges and universities , can we not also have a website which has an English version too? Otherwise, kita kena lah juga pakai Google Translate. Tak kan lah sampai sekarang tiada versi? Even LHDN ada BM and English. Do not politicise this, ok?


The other thing is the so-called car free day every 1st Sunday of the month. What is the purpose lah? This is the main road from the Federal Highway leading to the KTM station and the LRT station. It is also the main road to the many residential towers other than the shopping centres. This aktiviti macam tak masuk akal. You block the road, then letak aktiviti food truck la, pasar karat la, buskers la and then allow vehicles to still enter with kawalan so that orang tak bising. Apa benda you pikir ni? I think dah berapa bulan buat macam tak on sahaja. Baik tukarlah idea ni and buat akitiviti lain.


I think MBSJ should look at efforts to improve the kawasan pejalan kaki first around the whole of the area. Janganlah macam sampai satu ADUN tolong buat kemudahan pembaikan pejalan kaki. Is this not MBSJ’s job? Kita bayar cukai. Bukan murah sebagai bandaraya tahu tak. If you pergi Kuala Lumpur, tengok tengok lah how they do their pedestrian walkways and the low fencing and the road boundaries. Tak boleh ka kita buat lebih baik?


We need better management of Subang Jaya. It is now critical dah. Covid 19 punya pandemic sudah reda, bukan hilang. But the issues of Subang Jaya masih sama. Look at the pedestrian facilities. If you want a healthier Subang Jaya and one where people are encouraged to jalan kaki and take public transport, then it is so important that proper walkways catering for all people including yang tua and the physically challenged is taken care of.


We must encourage that MBSJ upholds the Tagline and Misi for Subang Jaya. The following are found on their website :


Tagline MBSJ

Perbandaran Bestari, Kota Niaga dan Kediaman Idaman



Mewujudkan  dan  menguruskan  bandaraya  yang mempunyai  persekitaran  yang kondusif bertaraf antarabangsa ke arah menjadikan kehidupan bandar yang bahagia, sejahtera, harmoni dan mampan menjelang tahun 2030


That is why we always harp on having good pedestrian facilities, and having activities which are inclusive; not divisive and to also have improved open recreational spaces. It is nice to see sapling now being planted where the pokok-pokok yang telah ditebang. It would take years for them to grow but at least nampak sudah the saplings.


Talking about trees; do you all ingat that giant bird park? The one where Subang Jayans planted trees and eventually removed that horrendous big bird facing the roundabout which has layers of elevated highways? Nampak macam sekarang ada food truck pulak. Come on man. This is supposed to be a park with trees to sit and enjoy. Bukan untuk letak tempat parking food truck. Those food truck can be below this park lah. Apa hal pula this is allowed? Something tak masuk akal dah ni. Kalau tak hati hati, later this will again become a political story tahu. Sometimes, we have good things done, yet it gets disturbed. Why don’t the whole space from this bottom of ex bird park which has stalls be controlled better? It could be managed better.


The Kompleks 3C building in front of that leading to Bandar Sunway and Sunway Pyramid. Does anyone know what this is for or used as now? Saya pun tak tahu. I hope Kompleks 3K with a swimming pool is better used and promoted for the community. Sayang kalau tak diendahkan orang Subang Jaya.


Kita sekarang sudah jadi Bandaraya tetapi it seems that Subang Jaya has stopped moving into constant improvements. Look at the Lorong Lorong belakang in Taipan USJ 10 and 9. These are still filthy and without proper control of the restaurants and eateries. SS15? Sama. Has anything changed? Not in the last 10 years. Last time the councillors and ADUN were very into making Subang Jaya great and a model. What happened? MPSJ then before being a bandaraya was so into the community and doing their best that even the community helped in whatever they can to make good together.


What happened? Apa dah jadi? I think sejak 10 tahun ini, it is time to reset balik. We need the ADUN and the Councillors and MBSJ to reset their mindset. Subang Jaya is blessed with the most number of private hospitals, most number of good shopping centres, most number of LRT stations, connected to interchanges and many highways, a well-planned township and a highly educated population. We need management to be just as good. You nak international standard. We agree. So please, do your part in managing and governing based on these tenets. Jangan buat sambil lewa. Subang Jaya is watching.