SS15: Risking Life and Limb Going Against Traffic

This is not a picture featuring the “murals” on the wall in busy SS15, Subang Jaya.

It shows a motorcyclist blatantly going against a One-Way Street in the commercial area of the neighbourhood. This shortcut between SS15/8A and SS15/4D is a favourite not only among motorcyclists but in recent times even motorists with their vehicles.

Lim, a shop owner in the area has encountered so many of such incidences whenever he drives from his shop along SS15/8A (which faces the SS15 wet market) along the one-way street towards SS15/4D which is where the commercial banks are located.

“It’s so haphazard. Motorcycles are whizzing against traffic and now even cars are going against the one-way street to take a short cut.”

“There was one instance, the car owner asked us to reverse to make way for him although he is driving against traffic,” Lim said.

Pedestrians also are at risk of being knocked over by traffic illegally passing this lane; on top of being at risk of being mugged or robbed.

Lim urged the authorities to act on these blatant disregard for traffic regulations and book the irresponsible motorists.