“Mama, Let’s Go for a Walk at Padang Assam”


Editor’s Note: This is a funding initiative started by the Subang Jaya community to help 4-year-old Chevaston Lee realise his dream of walking with his mother again.

FOUR-year-old Chevaston Lee is pining to go for a walk with his mother Vivienne Ngiu at Padang Assam in SS14 but his desire to hold his mother’s hand while walking at the park will have to wait as a tragic accident on New Year’s Eve has left Vivienne paralysed from her chest down.

Chevaston was in the car with his parents Edward and Vivienne on New Year’s Eve on the way to their first family vacation of the year when a freak accident along the Seremban Highway changed the course of their lives.

A stray dog had dashed out onto the expressway into their path. Edward swerved the car trying to avoid the dog, lost control of the vehicle, sending their car crashing into a divider and overturned.

Thankfully Edward walked away with a nasty gash on his head and Chevaston was pulled out of the vehicle unscathed. But the crash has left Vivienne in a state of Complete Paraplegia. Her spine has multiple fractures and dislocated at T5 and T6. She also suffers from several broken ribs, fractured left scapula and a head concussion. She has now lost complete sensory and motor function of her body from the chest down.

This Subang Jaya family is now at a lost as medical bills to attend to Vivienne’s state of paralysis mounts.

On the 2nd of January 2020, Vivienne underwent a 7-hour surgery to realign and stabilize her spine. Twelve screws and a several rods were put in place to stabilize her spine. She would need to be in ICU for at least 2 weeks. This is only the beginning of the long recovery process. She is expected to stay in hospital for a few weeks to up to 3-4 months to do aggressive physio therapy and to manage any secondary complications. Because of the severity of the injury, the rehabilitation process is estimated to take up to 2 years.

Vivienne is not covered by medical insurance and medical costs are rapidly stacking up. Coupled with the fact that Vivienne is now unable to work in the only job she has known since she was 16 years old, they would require financial assistance. She runs a ballet and dance academy called Dancers Dreams in SS18.

The family estimates that the medical cost would snowball up to RM350,000. This shortfall is on top of already pouring their entire life savings into the costly and urgent treatment thus far.

Let’s help make it possible for Chevaston to walk with his mother. This young boy needs your helping hand to realise his dream of walking beside his mother and father again.

To ensure transparency of monies received and being put to actual use of treatment, a full disclosure of expenditures will be shared.

For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Ivan Chong at +6012 232 1225 or Oscar Low at +6012 976 8370.