By Sarawakian

We are now in 2020. The year where Malaysia once had a vision and that vision was called Vision 2020. This was first launched in the 6th Malaysia Plan in 1991 by the 5th Prime Minister of Malaysia. The aim of this vision was for Malaysia to be a fully developed nation by the year 2020.

The 5th Prime Minister of Malaysia said :

“Malaysia should not be developed only in the economic sense. It must be a nation that is fully developed along all the dimensions: economically, politically, socially, spiritually, psychologically and culturally. We must be fully developed in terms of national unity and social cohesion, in terms of our economy, in terms of social justice, political stability, system of government, quality of life, social and spiritual values, national pride and confidence.”

Are we there yet? In 2018, the same 5th Prime Minister became the 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia after 15 years of retirement in 2003. That was also after 22 years of being a Prime Minister since 1981. It is 2020 and whilst we are still on the same road we have yet to be fully developed in all aspects as envisioned.

Perhaps we have been in the wilderness since 2003 and the 15 years was about removing the very patronising and practise of kleptocracy created before. Nevertheless, change did come as the overstaying “Dacing” of BN finally fell to Pakatan Harapan in 2018 using multiple logos.

We were promised a better Malaysia and more. Honestly that promise can only happen if everyone actually believed and continue to believe to make it happen albeit an extension of maybe another 10 years. However, this past euphoria has suddenly turned to be a dark sky as if waiting for a storm to happen.

In Subang Jaya, the people are beginning to feel a cognitive dissonance where the reality is not what was expected. And many still try to defend even ridiculous answers by politicians and the local government. This is an act of denial and the belief that being new should take time. Who are we that you want to hoodwink? Do not forget, the State Government of Selangor has the same government since 2008. Do not tell us that for more than 11 years you are still learning.

Now that the Federal Government and State Government belong to the same coalition since 2018, there is absolutely no more excuse to make. The water disruption is getting ridiculous. How can we keep swallowing the excuse of contamination? What has been done since 2008? Is it not logical to create water supply security? Many of us are not amused of politicians still acting to get nice photos in the media.

Till today, there is no concrete plan executed to pave way for local government elections as promised. Just look at the Smart Selangor Free Bus. Still we have ridiculous bus stops without cover. And still no pedestrian connectivity from this to the LRT stations or towards housing areas and even pedestrian crossings. Has Town Planning gone wrong in Subang Jaya?

What about the bicycle tracks? After the first pathetic phase it has since not grown in connection with schools, commercial areas and even housing areas? What about the Subang Ria Recreational Park? This needs to be be improved and a plan to do this be done so that it can be expedited to be used by the public within the next 5 years. It should be a public park and even if development is allowed, it should only be for residential and over no more than 10% of the space.

We also have parks or fields in SS15 and SS13, USJ and even in Putra Heights. But still not many know and their maintenance a suspect. There is no reason why lights can be allowed to be left unfixed nor grass allowed to be growing to shrubs. Equipment should be maintained. How many of the parks and fields have adequate equipment for play and exercise? I remembered many years ago I mentioned that the landscaping is bad as with the planning of facilities. It is still the same today.

If you walk around the commercial areas of USJ 21 where Main Place is, USJ8 and 10 Taipan, SS14, SS15 and SS19 are; you would discover that we have broken drain covers, dirty drains, the non-control of food preparation at back lanes, the creation of food exhaust ducts connected to enclosed drains and poorly lighted back lanes and side lanes. Yes, the proprietors of business are obligated but when they try to cut corners MPSJ should intervene. Sometimes enforcement is necessary with stubborn people.

How many of us noticed the bad landscaping below the elevated highways from SS13 to Mesiniaga? Road shoulders remain damaged and the planning of pedestrian walkways, planted shoulders and dividers not followed in creating a beautiful Subang Jaya.

Perhaps we need to have the ADUN, the MP, the councillors and MPSJ to start being more people centric and proactive. We have had enough of excuses when things are within your control like responsible planning and development of community infrastructure.

Subang Jaya would have an ageing population soon along with a young population. It makes sense to look at making accessibility a priority for safe and effective public transport and pedestrians.

We should have a stop of building new shopping centres as some have turned into dead malls. Planning should halter for new shopping centres. Instead, old ones should be given incentives to redevelop or improved to add to the needs. That way we do not have repeated shopping centres creating problems of vacancies and ridiculous traffic jams.

MPSJ and the Government should look at increasing more facilities for public transport, pedestrians, parks, public medical centres, fire departments, policing and connectivity to all.

We should reflect 2019 as one many of us want to forget as issues of Race and Religion become catalysts for public unrest. When one happens, it should be fair for both proposing and opposing parties be advised instead of just one party. We have seen too many incidences. We have enough of proposals for Jawi being enforced and black shoes a solution to dirtied white. It is as if black shoes are an excuse not to wash them. We have enough talk on delaying Local Elections.

In the end politicians and elected governments must understand that the people put them there and can still change them. It does not look good now but we hope 2020 is a vision to being a realised change to what we elected you for.