Not So “Boaring” New Friend at Wawasan Puchong Hill

MEET Kajol, Wawasan Puchong Hill’s latest star attraction. Kajol is the celebrity in this area and is probably the most photographed wild boar in the area.

According to Alex Wong who frequently hikes up the hill, Kajol was noticed about two months ago after the lockdown when residents were allowed to resume their hiking activities at the hill.

“Kajol is believed to have been abandoned by his family when he was just a juvenile. The neighbouring shopkeepers and hikers noticed him and took pity on him.”

“They started feeding the little wild boar regularly and soon enough it became very tame. It has bonded with its human neighbours,” Alex said.

Alex believes Kajol is still a sub-adult and is unable to determine its sex.

“It is playful and likes nipping at things around it. It is not apprehensive of people and is generally very friendly with everyone, including the shopkeeper’s dog.”

“It lives at the fringes of the nearby forest but can often be seen at Wawasan Puchong Hill or near the shops,” he said.

Alex stressed that although Kajol appeared tame it was still a wild animal.

“If you want to take photographs, keep a safe distance especially if you are not comfortable with a wild animal. Leave the wild boar by itself; don’t panic or scare the animal.”

“Don’t worry about Kajol going hungry. The shopkeepers are feeding it regularly,” he added.