Oi! #dudukrumah

by Anthony Dylan

#dudukrumah #stayathome #kitajagakita #staysafe #socialdistancing

These are all the hashtags trending at the moment. The reality of the seriousness of this pandemic infection has come very hard. Still, we find many people who care less of doing what is required. The Movement Control Order was created not to end this infection but to flatten the exponential curve. This is done to stabilize the situation by halting the growth. In order for this to succeed, everyone should play a part in this. Being selfish is not an option. We have to win this war. We cannot afford anything less.

There is one good that begun to show in earnest now. It is that of many super powers suddenly accepting with humility that ego has no place in this fight to win this unseen enemy. I would also think that nearly all of us would never have thought that we would experience this in our lifetime no matter what age you are. It is truly unexpected and without any real solution in sight other than emulating what China did.

I guess the other good thing is that name calling and stigmatizing has ended. The level of racist remarks have somewhat dwindled, though sadly some idiots still prowl the internet universe and spew their nonsensical theories and opinions that care for nothing but to create unrest.

But we are faced with an unprecedented situation. This is the new buzzword. It has knocked us out of our normal routine. It has knocked everyone out of their normal routine globally. It has shown no mercy to any country, citizen, gender, age, ethnicity and belief. It has shown no mercy to your state of health. It has no face which we can recognize nor allow any of our other 5 senses to know.

Fourteen days in a Movement Control Order seemed interesting at first but after 1 week, you find yourself worried as things got worse. We had our first announcement for 18th to 31st March 2020 but then extended to 14th April 2020. I am quite certain that this would be extended to at least after Hari Raya. The fasting month is expected to begin on 24th April 2020 which is just 10 days after the end of the 2nd Movement Control Order. Hari Raya Puasa is one month after on 24th May 2020 depending on the sighting of the new moon. I think this would be extended till 31st May 2020 or even later after the Kaamatan and Gawai Dayak festivals in Sabah and Sarawak.

The Government would have a hard time with these dates as any decision made should first put the lives and safety of people at the forefront. This may not be a popular decision but a necessary decision. One cannot be indecisive in moving forward. A crisis occurred in Malaysia a few days after the WHO announced COVID-19 a pandemic. Today, we see the world struggling with containing the spread. Europe, Africa, Middle East, The Americas, Oceania and Asia have all got infections.

As you uncover the world wide web, you would find various meters to see live updates of this dreaded COVID-19.

I guess mother nature really knows how to do a global cleanup. Mother earth may have just got fed up with human beings that she decided that the global governments and population need to be taught a lesson. Some would think this is the beginning of the end. Some would find looking lost beliefs and a re-connection to faith. No one now asks to see to believe. This virus is unseen but its impact is to be believed.

There is an evil we see in capitalism. Where is the corporate body? Not many come forward to assist with their expertise. Many whine about not being aided enough. The public sector is doing its best and the best example of this beginning in China and even here are those in the Medical Profession, Police and the Army. Health, Safety and Security is paramount. The other one which is extremely important are the farmers as they provide the food for sustenance. It is time for the corporate body to not whine so much and assist the country to go through this even if you have to lose massive profits or just breakeven. It is their job to keep their staff employed. Not threaten them or use them as bargaining chips.

We must find empathy in this dire situation. What we have we must now share. We must do our part. Everyone has a simple role to play. We must take care of each other. Otherwise, who would? This world is not a place for one alone or one community alone. This world is diverse.

Many of us found new hobbies from learning to cook to finding joy in gardening or simple household work. The time spent with family has increased. Yet, being out of office we still try to continue with whatever work we have. The way we work and what we work for has changed to one which necessitates the creation of calm and trusted stewardships. Not egos and hardnosed business etiquette.

The social impact of this should lead to positive as those who care more for their pockets to the extent of threading on others for a quick buck and show of power and leverage should go. Instead, our job should be to take care of each other for until the end it gives you more. The world after this would change. There is no place for greed to succeed. New skills and the awareness that you can also cook is amazingly satisfying. That, at a fraction of the cost paid. This would serve a lesson to many who take the lazy way out of not ensuring fair prices and honest intentions. I hope parks and the ability to have a balanced life would assist with a new future. The environment has reacted. It is a warning and hopefully one to learn from if we all pull through this.

#kitajagakita is the only way we can win. Wuhan locked down on 23rd January 2020 at 10am. Today they are just coming out cautiously. It has been over 2 and a half months with a draconian lockdown not experienced by any other country before. We have just begun our next 14 days.

Let us pray we get through this together. Happy Easter Everyone (on 12th April 2020)

God Bless