Will You Go for Your Haircut Now?

This was the question we asked a few men in Subang Jaya. The MCO has taken a toll on their personal grooming especially their crown. It’s now a month since anyone had a haircut or for some a clean shave. They tell us why they are staying away.

Shahrulnizam Shaharudin

I personally feel it is not the time yet to go to barber shop especially those run by foreigners. I can’t be sure where they have been going to for the past 3 weeks and there’s no record of them being tested for Covid 19. The hygiene of the shavers, scissors, blades and the premise itself is questionable. I will wait and see first before I decide to go.

Nash Hamid

Barber shops may be given approval to be opened this Monday. Barbers are in close contact with their customers, using the same chair, same scissors and attending to all customers, of which no one knows who is carrying the virus. We being Senior Citizens should try our best to postpone our next visit to the barber, for at least till the end of April. Extra inch of hair will not be harmful, but a single virus entering the body may bring the end of life. Prevention is better than facing an infection which has no cure.

Lore Yuen Shoon

My hair still normal but I’m not agreeable to go to the barber.The customer has a choice whether to go for a haircut.But the barber does not have a choice to choose his customer.

Tai Lung Aik

Nah! I’ll keep my hair shaggy. Seriously, it is a dumb idea to visit the barber now. Close contact will be unavoidable. Who knows if the barber (usually mine is an Indian barber in Tien Tien Fatt area) is infected? If he is a carrier then I’m done for!

Kamarul Hisham

No to barber for now. It is premature for us to assume it’s safe. We haven’t reached the flat curve yet for this pandemic.

Eric Lim

I think it is still not safe to go to the barber during the MCO because we wouldn’t know if the barber is Covid-19 free; my hair is still not long. I can just wait until I really need to.My last haircut was 2 months ago.

Jeffrey Tan

I will keep my long hair and moustache. It is not safe to go for a haircut.

Rudy Arfan

No to haircut!!! Social distancing!! Stay safe!!! Kita Jaga Kita!!


Penang government has said NO to the reopening or barber shops and hair saloons while the MCO is ongoing. Tell us what you think and send us a photo of you now!