Pasar Borneo MBSJ Offers Great Stuff in Seri Kembangan Weekly

HAVE you ever had a longing for something you had while in Sabah and Sarawak but face difficulty in purchasing it here? Put your anxieties and cravings to rest.

Head over to Pasar Borneo MBSJ in Seri Kembangan. Chances are, you will find what you are looking for. Open every Saturday from 7am to 11am, the market is amazingly well-stocked with knick knacks from the two Borneo States from ready-to-eat food, fresh vegetables and fruits, trinkets and pickled delicacies, including rice home-brewed rice wine.

Some of the names on the labels may seem unfamiliar but ask any of the vendors and they will surely enlighten you on what it is you are looking at. Maybe, just maybe it’s what you have been looking for.

The roadside Saturday bazaar provides an opportunity for our Sabahan and Sarawakian friends living here to enjoy their favourite hometown stash of vegetables, fruits and lots more. It also provides others the opportunity to learn more from the different items sold.

Several items caught our eye – Durian Pakan/Nyekak; Buah Tarap; Buah Bambangan/Mawang; Engkalak; Dabai; Terung Iban; Sayur Midin; Kek Lapis Sarawak; and an Terubuk Masin to name a few.

Bring a Sabahan or Sarawakian friend along to the market if you are unfamiliar with the offerings. You might get surprised; or they might get surprised too!

Pasar Borneo MBSJ opens every Saturday from 7am to 11am. They are located at Pasar Borneo Selangor, Jalan Jinma 7, PSK 9, Seri Kembangan, selangor, Seri Kembangan, Malaysia, 43300

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