By Sarawakian

Hello Subang Jaya! The last month or so has been one memorable ride. The state elections of Penang, Kedah, Selangor, Negri Sembilan, Terengganu and Kelantan have concluded. At least we should not be seeing anymore major elections albeit some by elections due to necessity.

The aftermath is a wake-up call to the unthinkable. We should be wary that voters have yet to be mature in their choices and this provided avenues for some to make inroads with incessant use of divisive politics. My only advise to voters out there whether you are a seasoned voter, a first-time voter, or a non-voter (though automatically registered), you better be serious at the next elections. The future is filled with even more uncertainties if you allow your vote to go to waste by voting without thinking or at worst; do not even vote. Those who did not even come out, shame on you for allowing those who have no business dividing the population to get power to eventually strengthen itself.

Subang Jaya was a close call until the people came out to vote. The final tally stated above 66% of eligible voters. That is not a good sign where the need to vote is required. Whilst the incumbent held on to the seat with a larger majority, what is more worrying is that for the first time since the Subang Jaya constituency was created for the 1995 elections, the turnout was below 70%. We even had a no contest and the incumbent won unchallenged in 2004. This is a concern especially when Subang Jaya today has developed rapidly both in infrastructure and in eligible voter count. Even Subang Jaya is now a city since 20th October 2020, after over 23 years as a municipal from 1 January 1997. Subang Jaya will be celebrating her 3rd anniversary come 20th October 2023.

Granted that the 3 years have been rather subdued in making landmark progress in socio-economic improvements due to the Covid -19 pandemic and the full reopening in mid-2022; it is time to make haste. The General Elections of November 2022 and the Selangor state elections of August 2023 has confirmed the need to now get back to work.

We need to highlight yet again the need to have improved pedestrian walkways connecting the bus stops and the LRT stations. At this moment, these are still not good enough. It must take heed of the local government guidelines for public infrastructure for the creation of road shoulders and safe and usable pathways for pedestrians. There is a need to ensure that the ageing population is put in front of any development required to ensure their needs are taken care of.

Proper cycling lanes are a must as with the improvement in maintaining public play facilities like the padangs and the various courts (futsal, basketball etc). We have seen how the children’s playgrounds and exercise equipment in the open park neglected and in need of repair.

The Parc, located at the end where the Crocodile Farm Restaurant and housed within the grounds of the Subang Ria Lake and Park is a real opener. According to the website, the Parc was brought together by Sime Darby Property in Collaboration with Epic. The main idea is driven to the creation of an inclusive and sustainable community hub. It would be great if the whole area from the current Tapak Food Truck area all the way towards the 3C Complex is made into a community park as well.

We should also look at improving the bicycle lanes into dedicated lanes and this should be created not as part of one lane of the existing car lane. It is time for the road shoulders to have a transition landscape and a bicycle lane and a pedestrian walkway. This can also be patrolled by police on bicycles too. Gazebos can be placed around the route at planned sections to provide shelter and rest stops.

The public spaces need a better focus in Subang Jaya. We should review the easy way out of creating more concrete hardscapes. We do not want to create a labyrinth of elevated highways which darken the area below and made worse with tar, asphalt or concrete. It would be nice to see plants and green landscaping instead.

Subang Jaya needs a reboot now. There should not be anymore delays. When touching on public facilities, we lack a public hospital still. We need one as soon as possible. We also need more and larger fire stations. Our current one is stressed. While we see more high-rise residential coming up, the skyline of Subang Jaya is changing fast. Density will increase and this necessitates the focus on parks and green community spaces.

We believe that we need a united Subang Jaya. The people must feel proud of where they live and work and with that, to push for constant improvements. This would ensure that the local government looks into the reality of what is needed to cater for the young and also the ageing population of Subang Jaya.

We cannot allow for anymore excuses and complacency of procedures and policies which do not seem to evolve with an even faster changing time. It is nice to have multiple applications and electronic options, but do not forget the need for human interaction. It is still important. One cannot assume that everyone is technology savvy and would be able to manoeuvre the applications on their phones.

Technology should be used to assist and improve, not complicate. The same could be said about procedures and policies of administration and application. The improvement of service delivery should be the focus of Subang Jaya. Regardless, we still expect the ADUN to look at our bread-and-butter issues and no less, our longkang issues.

Subang Jaya needs a reboot. This would iron out all the tangles if not, most. We need to be brave to do what is required to be done.

Selamat Hari Malaysia Subang Jaya!

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