Teachers Give Out Free Lunch With No Strings Attached

SUBANG JAYA, NOV 18 2020: THREE teachers from a kindergarten in SS14 Subang Jaya are giving out free lunch packs daily to food delivery riders, grass cutters and passersby.

The trio who are from the Amazing Seed SS14 Educare and Enrichment Centre will set up a table at 12noon to give out between 50-80 food packs to the public.

“Our principal mooted the idea for us to carry out this project and with some seed money from the school and contributions from parents, we kicked off this initiative about two weeks ago.”

“The response has been encouraging. Delivery riders, lorry drivers and even grass cutters who pass by SS14/8 will stop and pick up something for lunch,” Balqis, one of the teachers said.

According to her, they spent approximately RM200 per week to prepare the lunch packs.

“We try and cook up something different daily. This includes nasi lemak, mee hoon goreng, ayam masak merah and even sup telor with rice,” Miza, another teacher said.

According to Balqis, the food is given out to anyone who wanted it; including residents who drive by and are curious about what’s in the lunch packs.

“We hope to continue this effort throughout the CMCO. We spend our lunch hour from 12 noon to 1.30pm to give out the food packs. We pack up when our food packs finish.”

“We have also started a food bank to collect items to be redistributed to needy families,” Shasha, the third teacher said.

Members of the public who wish to support this initiative can contribute in kind or make a donation by contacting Shasha at https://wa.link/mvlz52