Have the Politicians Failed Us?

By Sarawakian 

Have the Politicians whom we voted into Parliament failed us? There are 222 of them. Thirty three of them are women or 14.86%. This is progress from previous Parliaments where women made up to around 10% since 2008. Actually, if we based this data against the overall population of 32 million; we see a ball park percentage of 50:50 between Males and Females. With that in mind, about 15.6 million of the 32 million are eligible to be identified within the labour force. Of that sum, about 39% are women. Of this, the Female Labour Force participation is about 56%. As you can see, I think the Parliament needs more women from the current 33. Do keep this in mind for the next General Election. 

The political climate in Malaysia especially this year has been one of a roller coaster ride. The game always end up close much like a badminton match between Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei or Liverpool vs Everton. The last Sabah Elections showed the same. The current composition of the Parliament is the same. Both have similarities in fragile coalitions.

Then again, the good thing is this. With the onset of Covid-19 and the sudden spikes especially in Sabah; political alliances are no longer concrete. The fluidity emulates liquid which is shaped by the mould of which holds it. That mould is the Rakyat. At least now, political parties and individuals are starting to realize that their being where they are is because of the Rakyat. 

Sabah seems to have matured a lot politically. From the pre-election campaigning, to the results and up till today, everyone is trying their best for the people in Sabah. Sabah did show the way. What came out of this has also showed us as to why the lack of self discipline has also somewhat caused the recent spikes of Covid19. 

Politicians are not only to be blamed though. The people who came and participated without wanton care as if the risk was there to take have been gravely mistaken. Much of what has happened is a lesson to be learnt. The blame game cannot be one sided. The SOPs were there. Whether one follows it in self discipline is another. If there is anyone to be blamed, then it is every one of us. 

Day after day, many of us would just look away or turn a blind eye or muted ourselves when we see people bring children to crowded places; not wearing masks properly or even not caring to take the temperature checks and scan their QR codes. Yes, we can quickly sound out those leaders and those with positions for not complying and to ask why the discriminatory actions when compared to the common person. But we should also sound out anyone without care of who they are. I do agree that those of whom we look up to has a greater responsibility to show a good example and be fair instead of trying to make excuses; and at worst, to challenge for proof. 

The Politicians in my opinion have failed because they have focused too much on political rhetoric ever since the MCO was lifted. From May 4th onwards we all saw an escalating back to normal syndrome of politicians. That goes without saying of all the political parties and how each and every one of the 222 has acted.

At this current CMCO which is supposed to end on 9th November 2020, we have seen how the spikes of Covid19 cases as well as the current state of economy past the loan moratorium (which ended in September) provided an urgent need for an unprecedented action. There is a need to put political party alliances away for now until the next elections and come together as a united government. There is a real need for a UNITY Government.

Take the best from the 222 to head a slimmer cabinet and allow for a more cohesive strategy in battling the negatives of Covid19. Things need to be done and the Rakyat is fed up with politicking. Many of us do not care if there is a back door, front door, side door, ceiling door, floor door or no door government. Just stop the nonsense and work together. After all, you are all Malaysians. Your parties should not limit your basic human characteristic in helping others. Forget about what is happening outside Malaysia and wanting to jump to make global statements. Just concentrate on your domestic affairs.

Many are jumping for joy that our MAS, Malindo and AirAsia is facing a headwind. There is so much shame in celebrating in another’s misery, yet many delight in doing so. We have to stop this. Many of us from Sabah and Sarawak who are living and working in the Peninsula need to have accessible and affordable flight tickets to get back. Yes, the airlines have their weaknesses, but they do provide jobs and provide connectivity. I am sure they would take heed of feedbacks.

Our internet connectivity is not the main problem but the availability of strong 4G coverage in all parts of Malaysia is the main issue. There is a need for the Government to get this fixed in an extremely urgent basis. Without which, education via e-learning would be an issue. It is easier to provide affordable hardware to students and schools on loan by working with the larger tablet or desktop companies. In order for education to work at all areas, hardware and software accessibility is as essential as connectivity to 4G. People should not just think from the point of view of the urban areas only. Otherwise you would have to climb a tree.

The Politicians should accept the fact that their acts post MCO has made us feel that they have failed us. Everyone looks forward to the budget but then again, it is important that each of the 222 gets involved. It is not too late my dear YBs. Start thinking as a Malaysian first. Then you will do what is best.

God Bless Malaysia.