By Paul Yung

Strong leadership is a vital part of every successful company. A team with skilled, strong leadership will be efficient, have high morale and will be more agile and adaptive. To be an effective leader, you will need to know what strong leadership looks like in the workplace.

So here are some qualities that I stand for as a business owner and leader.

What is leadership? Leadership is a vital management function that helps direct an organization’s resources for improved efficiency and the achievement of goals.

Convey Your “Why”

When leaders share their stories and explain their “why,” they compel people to understand and identify connection points through a shared purpose. This requires reflection from the leader to discover the value her organization brings to the world. Asking insightful questions like, Why does your company exist? What is the purpose of this new project? What impact do we aim to have?

When you share specific experiences and standpoints, you create a special connection with your audience that sets you apart.

Showing Empathy

Empathetic leadership means understanding the needs of others, and being aware of their feelings and thoughts. This means being compassionate and taking the time to connect with others. Exemplifying empathy in the workplace is crucial for emotional intelligence and leadership effectiveness.

Remember that our customers and our employees are human. Humans are, among other things, a complex composition of emotions and hormones. Managing the emotional aspect of your team may seem superfluous and time consuming, but will pay off in the long run.

Your team will back you up harder if they know you have their back.

Be a Mentor

In professional services, servant leaders stand out. They act as mentors and trainers rather than “couch pointing” bosses. They credit others generously and are objective oriented when things go wrong instead of laying blame. They are consciously mindful and subtle when speaking. Servant leaders attract people with their approachable and friendly demeanour but are also purposeful and laser focused on their goals.

Finally, it’s vital to understand that leadership isn’t just positional and doesn’t automatically come with age. Leadership means providing guidance and vision to set your team up for the best chances success and avoiding pitfalls, regardless of age or position.