Indulge in a Bowl of Bak Kut Teh in the Heart of USJ 1


Bakuteh in Hokkien literally means meat bone tea. While meat and bone is obvious, you would never find tea in the broth. So, finding a good bak kut teh shop in the middle of the USJ 1 industrial area, is like finding tea leaves in your bak kut teh broth. How did Ju Xin bak kut the shop end up in USJ 1?

The owner and chef, Ah Seng, setup shop some 16 years ago at the invitation of the landlord! In case you are wondering why you have not heard of this place, you are not alone. I only chanced upon it when I drove by.

They serve the Klang variety of bak kut teh with a darker broth. Expect your tummy to rumble at the first whiff of the herby aroma. No stinging on herbs that’s for sure. As you walk past the stove at the entrance, you will spot chunks of well marbled pork waiting to go into the pot. When served, the pork is perfectly cooked and just peels away from the bone. Well marbled, perfectly cooked pork, need I say more about the taste?

If you have exotic taste buds, order the pig’s kidney and liver in wine soup. It’s cooked ever so lightly, to ensure it doesn’t become over cooked and rubbery. Eat it fast once it’s served!

They also offer the dry variety of bak kut teh. I don’t fancy dry bak kut teh in general, so I won’t comment, save for the tender meat. If you are a dry bak kut teh connoisseur, share with us what you feel in the comments.

This place is packed to the lima kaki by noon. How is it that possible for a hardly heard of bak kut teh place? Look around and you will find groups of colleagues working nearby lunching together. You might spot the SJ Echo editor too, he is there slurping his bak kut teh no less than once a week. Sold out by 1pm usually, and no they don’t open for dinner. Breakfast is served by 8.45am everyday, except Mondays.

At a slightly hefty RM14.50 per pax, you are certainly not paying for good times or good friends, just a really good bowl of meat bone tea.

Ju Xin bak kut teh faces Persiaran Mulia, and is about 500m down the road from the Honda’s 4S centre.  Address is 43, Jalan TS 6/10a,

The author, Adrian Lim, is a lifelong Subang Jaya resident, calls himself a makanthon-er who enjoys trying out new food joints. Do you have suggestions of interesting food places in and around greater Subang Jaya he can review? Drop us a line at [email protected]. Reviews are unsolicited.