By Anthony Dylan

Where would you find your own inspiration? Many of us think that inspiration comes easily when in fact it takes quite a lot to look for one. At times, when we have reached the end of our very own capacity to think; whether or not due to lethargy or plain resignation; we find the need for inspiration.

The ability to break free from a set train of thought in order to step back and review is not one which many could do. We yearn to see accomplished acts of defiance or success in order to adopt a similar process towards the expectation of the same goal. We feel inspired by others mostly but never of our own intrinsic ability. Yet, this is the most powerful.

If you ever care to think again, ask yourself this. How did they do it? Were they also inspired by another person? This seems to be the expected questions many in journalism like to ask. In short, we are stuck within the parameters of past actions and seek the inspiration of the external.

We read biographies. We get inspired by men and women alike. We want to emulate them. Politics, business, fiction and non-fiction each serves us an insight of one written by another. Some would be born an observer, an analyst or even a critic.  Some footballers were inspired by the idols they worship. Pele, Maradona, Beckham, Ronaldo or even Salah. When asked, Pele and Maradona were inspired to aspire greatness.

Donald Trump becoming the President of USA inspired many who did not believe man without a political birth could make it for a term. Who inspired him? Many of us in Malaysia seemed inspired when for the first time, against logical odds; saw the fall of the Barisan Nasional Government. Who inspired the common folk in general to want change and thus, motivated them to act? There is a myriad of reasons. Some were inspired by the leaders who knew how to work a crowd. Some were inspired by the selfless acts of principled actions of others.

Each aspect of inspiration works differently with each individual. The motivation to inspire and the inspiration to motivate are the alpha and the omega. Inspiration, more often than not stems from the want of proof. Those who eventually inspire others would normally have done so due to reasons personal to them.

This can be as different as black and white. It is the same thought when one thinks of inspiration. It creates as much good or bad depending on the wielder and the follower. A follower who blindly follows is different from one who thinks and understands the reason behind each required action.

What or Whom inspires you? Ask yourself this question when approaching the tail end of your creative effort. What are your motivational factors? It or they could be anything. Good or evil. The Yin and Yang. An emotive connection moves the mind. The mind is a powerful weapon.

Have you watched the movie, “Cape Fear by Martin Scorsese” or “Seven” starring Brad Pitt?” It showed how strong the mind can be. If you are not into watching movies, then you should try and learn how to play Chess or Chinese Chess. Human beings are suckers for peer pressure. A herd mentality is the default result. We yield to the created beliefs of a community. Just look around us.

The rich remain the masters and the common folk, lays the red carpet for them as if they are Gods. Corruption is a belief of having leverage over the other due to the addiction of wants leading to temptation. The giver and the receiver share the same blame. Those who see and do nothing but lament are accessories to the same. Those who dare to intervene would normally be psyched out due to incessant fear. Those who succeed became an inspiration for the reincarnation of justice.

Fear is a weapon of choice. Status, money and positions create this weapon. Human beings are always tempted. How many can withstand the need to ensure this is controlled. Those who speak about being fair would also be the same one who would jump queue. Those who speak of justice would also be the one who turn away and provide a blind eye to the crime before them. How ironic. The social system is an intriguing one. An inspired community motivates each other which in turn, motivates another to inspire. A circle without an end.

How would we continue to live in our environment which the Government puts us in based on their version of control? Would you be inspired to be united and motivate others to fear not of the power of the hammer that would squash you when you are identified? Have you seen ants? Can you remove them? They carry weights higher than their own. Would you start thinking of others before self so that everyone is equal and enjoy this earth together? Would you be inspired to act?

I am inspired to write this for this month. Read between the lines and find your own answer. It is time to awaken.  Lastly, I would also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Blessed Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.