By Sarawakian

The movie opens with a beautiful scene of a whole animal kingdom heading to pride rock to pay tribute to a new born male lion cub, Simba. Held up by Rafiki, a mandrill; his parents Mufasa and Sarabi beam with pride atop the Pride Rock. After the whole tribute was done, Mufasa went and confronted Scar, his brother whom he defeated in a challenge for leadership as to why he never came to the tribute.

Jealousy ensued and it is made worse that Simba in the beginning thought that being King is his right and starts thinking big. This led to Scar leading a strategic plan to eliminate Mufasa and blame it on Simba and easing himself with a pack of hyenas to take over Pride Lands. Mufasa and Scar have differing opinions on how to run the kingdom.

An elderly man becomes the head, due to his influence and promise for stability, yet another who cannot wait to be head seems jittery of a promise made by the same head who first won the challenge and left the would be head distraught and full of anger and bruised ego needing others to bring him up. Try and try he may be, yet still unable, the pack turns to the old one for direction. That plus the extensive belief of the people propelled his pardon and release and made known his time would come. Yet, we see jitter and maneuverings. Both have differing opinions.

Who are we now as the people who have given change a chance yet feel cheated as it comes too slow though the Federal and State are already near the behest of absolute power. The quality of people we put in power is tested and there are glaring instances where it seems that the same people we trusted and celebrated seem less eager to make the reform required.

The current nonsense of dramatising sex still occurs as much as having a man proposing to have a law that men must be protected against seduction to rape. This was a chosen senator. We also have another one saying a search and rescue effort for missing Sarawak army personnel be suspended until further leads are discovered. This is made on 26th July after they were reported missing whilst on duty on 19th July 2019. Is that considered sufficient due time?

We have also been continuously left pondering about Lynas as after the elections in 2018, Lynas is still around. We have also heard and read about the Orang Asli having no rights in Perak as the term ‘Tanah Adat’ (customary land) was not recognised in the state constitution.

We have also read and heard how the local elections are still being reviewed and planned and not much concrete timeline has been established. I wonder what is taking so long.

There must be something seriously wrong somewhere as it seems the fire and cause to fight for the people have suddenly diminished and slowly disappearing. I guess politicians when in government have short memories. Even in government some still take the easy way out to blame the past. The power is now in your hands, so it is best to just shut up and start delivering your promises even it is miniscule.

At this moment, the local government seems the most urgent to be revamped. There is a need to not go with appointments of political representatives from parties and to start giving back the 3rd vote. What is it to fear? This is now 2019 and we are heading towards an even more progressive timeline when seen from a positive mindset. The only fear is the loss of power. The disease that the same politicians we put out of power is now the disease of the existing.

Simba saw a friendship grew from humility and taught about a simple slogan “Hakuna Matata” by Timon and Pumba; a meerkat and a warthog. He found the will to seek justice after seeing the destruction and claim his place to save the lands. Yet, it is the Circle of Life.

Is this the Circle of Life that we are enduring with the political change? Looks like it. I think it is safe to say that the biggest disappointment would be the pace of change. Many of us yearn for a faster pace and change to be made more decisive rather than slow.

The Education reform should go beyond the colour of shoes, socks and what is considered art. It should consider the availability of infrastructure to teach and learn and the investment it comes with. It should consider the profession of teachers and teaching methods to progress. It should stop looking at colour of shoes and socks and define what art is.

Public transportation is still having problem with the last mile. The walk to them remains an issue as the infrastructures are done half hearted. The public medical facilities remain on the back burner whilst private facilities become aplenty.

Yet we are fed daily about who would be the next Lion King. Would a challenge come in view of being jittery? This would again require the people to choose them and support them. But will anyone think that a real change would come with choosing from promises we now know seems changeable?

It cannot be Hakuna Matata with us. In Swahili it means “No Problems” or “No Trouble”. We really need to wake up and make these politicians know that they are running out of time.