Ops Tikus in USJ21 Goes “Fowl”

A regular effort to rid the back lanes of commercial shops in USJ21 of rats went “fowl” when members of JKP Zone 3 found live chicken being kept in rubbish compartments.

Volunteers who had spent the morning looking for dead rats in the back lanes sensed something amiss when they heard “clucks” from the rubbish compartment of a convenience store last month.

When JKP Zone 3 councillor Lee Jen Uyin opened the door to the compartment, she was caught by surprised at the sight of more than 10 live chickens in it.

Live chicken according to Lee were not allowed to be kept or slaughtered in convenience shops. She said the matter would be reported to MPSJ and action would be taken on the shop owner for ignoring the bylaws which prohibit the practice.

A total of 44 dead rats were picked up during the operations.